Why I write (and read) Christian Fiction.

Recently I read a blog post by a young woman called, Why I don’t read Christian Fiction. I did agree with some of her points, but some I didn’t.

Why do I write Christian Fiction?

Writing Christian fiction gives me a way to fulfill the Great Commission. In Acts 1:8 and Mark 16:15 (and other scriptures) Jesus commands the church to preach the gospel to every creature, teaching them to observe all things… you know the rest.  However I have a hard time speaking to people. I can’t hardly talk to strangers about weather, much less something as important as their eternal relationship with Jesus Christ. But I can write about it. I can write entertaining stories that make you consider God’s gift of salvation and other lessons from the Word of God. As my characters grow in their relationship with Jesus, you can do the same. I hope that by reading my fiction, you are changed for the better, and maybe even learn more about our incredible Savior.

Months ago I read this post by well-known writer Francine Rivers:

||—Are you going to be a “Christian writer” or a Christian who writes?—||

“What’s the difference? A Christian who writes may weave Christian principles into the story, but the work can stand when those elements are removed. A Christian writer is called to present a story that is all about Jesus. The Lord is the foundation, the structure, and Scripture has everything to do with the creation and development of the characters in the story. Jesus is central to the theme. If you remove Jesus and biblical principles from the novel, it collapses.”

I am a Christian Writer, not just a Christian who writes. Without Jesus Christ I have no story.

Why do I read Christian Fiction?

Readers read to be entertained, but also to escape from their everyday life. We read to become (just for a short time) someone different than we are. To experience things we will never experience or to do things we would never do. Or even to be someone we will or can never be.  (Don’t believe me- why do you think the superhero market is so strong? Everyone wants to be a superhero- to save the day and be adored by fans.)

I can’t relate to characters or events in non-Christian books. I can’t imagine a life where Jesus Christ is not the center of it. My life revolves around my relationship with him and my relationship with my church family. I can’t imagine not having the peace and hope of God to get me through trials in my life.

So I read Christian fiction because those are the kinds of adventures I want to go on.

I am a Christian Writer.

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