Guest Post on the Faith in Writing Blog

Read my guest post on the Faith in Writing Blog– Have you lost your song?

Please welcome Gina Holder to Faith in Writing. She has written a post for our Musical Wednesdays feature.

On any given Sunday morning in any given church, there’s one thing that stands out above anything else. Many in the congregation are not singing. They don’t even hold a hymnal and pretend to sing. They stand there like stoic beings with their arms crossed and not a word of praise passes over their lips.

Music is one of the most basic instincts of man, along with food, shelter, and clothing. I’m sure you’ve seen the videos—little babies “shaking their booty.” I’ve seen dancing parrots and singing dogs… you name it, someone has filmed it. Music is one of our most primal connections to each other. Even in the most remote corners of the world—in the most untouched tribes—you will find that their culture has a way to express itself through music. No matter your spoken language, music speaks to us all. Even the hearing-impaired can “hear” music—through the vibrations.

Many Christians today are lacking something major in their Christian walk. Where is their song?

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