Throwback Thursday

In honor of throwback Thursday, I’m sharing some poems I wrote way back when. I believe it was in my late childhood years or early teens. Don’t laugh… too hard!

  • I’m sure I was older than in this picture. But I thought it was so cute.

The Noisy Geeseself

Hear the noisy geese go by,
As they fly up in the sky.
Listen as they honk so loud,
Then they disappear in the cloud.


Drip, drop goes the rain.
Chew, chew says the train.
Bow, wow barks the dog.
Then you hear that croaking frog.

A Friend

A friend is so nice to be.
You can find a friend in me.
I will be the best friend.
I will be a friend to the end.


My Books

I’ve a red book
I’ve a blue book
I’ve an old book
I’ve a new book

I’ve a big book
I’ve a small book
I’ve a tall book
I’ve a pig book

I’ve a book about cats
I’ve a book about big black bats
I’ve a book both tall and thin
I’ve a book the whole world’s in

And one serious one to finish it off.

My Daily Cross

Each day I must carry a cross.
Each day that may different be.
Just as there was a cross for Christ.
God made a cross for me.

Each day I must pick it up.
The sorrows and burdens bear.
The struggles and temptations,
The daily human care.

But there’s a victory at the end.
So it is with every cross.
So pick your heavy burden up.
No matter what the cost.

Remember as Christ walked that hill,
His mind was on the blessing.
He knew victory was on the other side,
For mankind, great redemption and cleansing.

So each day as I lift my cross,
I remember the victory.
Until my burden rolls away,
And Christ face I see.

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