Four Star Review of Jesus, Mommy, and Me

Four Star Review of Jesus, Mommy, and Me

Devotional book intended for 4-8-year old’s

Jesus Mommy MeMy Thoughts: 

This book of 30 devotionals was cute and sweet. Each day, Marianna gives a topic, a scripture reference, something to read, a conversation starter, and an ending prayer. My daughter, although 10-years-old, loved going through the book. The lesson on “blessing” made the most impact on me and my daughter. Amidst homeschooling and character training (fighting their flesh) it’s easy for me to forget that my daughter is a blessing from God. I cried and then we hugged. If you’re looking for a simple five-minute devotional to do with your child/children, I whole-heartedly recommend this book. I gave this book a four-star because it is not KJV, and that’s what I prefer. I did have my daughter look up the verses in her Bible and read them, so that was good practice for her. Though, if you do use KJV, some of the verses won’t quite match the topic, but it worked anyway.

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