First Line Friday- No Greater Love

There isn’t another smell like this in the entire world. The musty scent of vintage paper enveloped her like the familiarity of a security blanket, drawing her into her happy place.

About the Book:

Shadows Over Whitman Book One- No Greater Love

Releasing April 30, 2019

One Book Changed Her Life…And Her Eternity

Paige McDonald, an antique book collector and the adopted granddaughter of a firefighter, vows never to fall in love with a first responder. But an inscription in an old Bible disrupts everything she knows about herself, her family, and God, and sends her directly into the radar of Patrol Officer Hamilton Bryant.

After the death of his best friend and fellow officer, Hamilton vows never to marry—at all. He won’t risk leaving a widow. Instead, he reserves his passion for serving his family and the town he’s sworn to protect. When a series of robberies correspond with Paige’s sudden appearance in Whitman, their lives intersect.

Whitman Mayor Kathleen Phillips is running for Oregon State Governor. Her father, former Governor Richard Staten, was a hated man. His enemies will do anything to keep another Staten out of office and Kathleen has a secret. She’ll do anything to keep it.

He said he’d never risk leaving a widow.
She said she’d never love a man in uniform.
God had different plans.

Now grab the book nearest to you or the one you’re reading and comment with the first line. Then head to HoardingBooks for more participants in First Line Friday’s.

7 thoughts on “First Line Friday- No Greater Love

  1. Kay Garrett says:

    “Today I met the bu I’m going to marry…..” Patsy Swartz’s singsongy voice was too chipper.
    AWAKENED LOVE by Laura V. Hilton
    2clowns at arkansas dot net


  2. bellesmoma16 says:

    Happy Friday!

    I’m currently reading Castle on the Rise by Kristy Cambron. It is such a great story. I highly recommend it. Right now I am in the middle of chapter 23, so I will share a line from there.

    “Most of the south side was still cloaked in darkness from the gasworks disaster.”

    Hope you have a relaxing weekend. Happy reading! 🙂💚📚


  3. lelandandbecky says:

    Happy Friday! My first line is from Brunch at Bittersweet Cafe by Carla Laureano:

    “Once upon a time, Melody Johansson had believed in happily ever afters.”


  4. Iola says:

    I can relate to her happy place!

    I’m sharing from the latest Elizabeth Camden novel on my blog, but I’ve just picked up After the Rain by Brandy Bruce. Here’s the first line:

    “Deb, I miss you. I think about you. Just wanted to say it again.”

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  5. thebeccafiles says:

    Looks like a great read!!!
    This week on my blog I shared the first line from Of Fire and Lions by Mesu Andrews (releases 3/5). I’m currently reading it so I’ll share the first line from my current chapter (22) here: “I had experienced the atrocities of war but never witnessed a battle like the one my son fought for his life during the week of his illness.” This book is soooo good I highly recommend it! Hope you have a great weekend with quality reading time! 🙂

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