Top Ten Tuesday- Book Settings I would love to Visit.

Welcome to Top Ten Tuesday hosted by The Artsy Reader. Each Tuesday, I will be bringing you a list of book-related “Top Tens.”

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday is Book Settings that I Would Love to Visit.

Now, I have traveled quite a bit in my life so far, so this was not an easy task. Many of the books I love, I have actually already visited their setting, so, I have decided to go with fictional settings or maybe locations that are greatly altered for the good or for the bad.)

I’d love to hear about a bookish location that you would love to visit. Please comment and share.


#1- Curry, Alaska

#2- Lavender Tides, Washington

#3- Holland

#4- Eagle Harbor

#5- Rock Harbor (TBR)

#6- Ruby

#7- Grace Springs

#8- Fort Reno, Oklahoma

#9- Sunset Cove (TBR)

#10- Hope Beach (TBR)

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