First Line Friday- The White City by Grace Hitchcock

Winnifred Wylde concentrated on his forehead, nodding, trying to respond appropriately, but it was so difficult with his nose hair escaping and retreating into his left nostril with every breath.

Yuck! I know, but ironically, this first sentence gives us a look into Winnifred’s personality and the tone of the rest of the book! It’s so fun! I’m not going to share anything else about the book today, but you can watch for my review on Tuesday with the Celebrate Lit Blog Tour.

Now grab the book nearest to you or the one you’re reading and comment with the first line. Then head to HoardingBooks for more participants in First Line Friday’s.

5 thoughts on “First Line Friday- The White City by Grace Hitchcock

  1. Kay Garrett says:

    June 1868
    Dismal, Nevada – Never has a town been named so right.
    The sheriff’s office and the barbershop were in the same building because the sheriff and the barber were the same man. Penny Scott suspected the man made more money at his barbering.
    By Mary Connealy
    2clowns at arkansas dot net


  2. thebeccafiles says:

    Happy Friday!
    Today on my blog I shared the first line from Fated by Teri Terry but I’m currently reading Dead Letter by Chautona Havig. I just started so I’ll share the first line from chapter 2 where I currently am: “Hard benches, spartan furnishings, packed conditions—though she’d purchased a second-class ticket as instructed, Madeline couldn’t help but feel like she’d gotten little better than emigrant car accommodations.” Hope you have a great weekend! Spring is in the air! 🙂


  3. lelandandbecky says:

    Happy Friday and weekend! My first line is from “KNOX: The Montana Marshalls” by Susan May Warren

    “Oh goody, now Knox go to watch his trouble-making little brother break his ornery neck.”


  4. Fiction Aficionado says:

    Does anyone else’s nose get itchy when they read that line? Lol!

    I’ve shared the first line from Crystal Walton’s “Romancing the Conflicted Cowboy” on my blog, but since I’m reading Carolyn Miller’s “A Hero for Miss Hatherleigh” right now, I’ll share the first line of the scene I’m up to (in chapter 5):

    Gideon looked up from the specimen and almost dropped it.

    Have a great weekend 🙂


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