Top Ten Tuesday- Redheaded Heroines!

Thank you for joining me for another Top Ten Tuesday with The Artsy Reader.

It’s been a while since I posted a Top Ten Tuesday, but I couldn’t resist today’s theme. Today’s Top Ten Tuesday theme is Characters That Remind Myself of Me. I knew exactly what I wanted to focus on. Since I have red hair, how about all ginger haired heroines? Enjoy! And if you can think of any others… (OK, so there’re many more than 10, but I stopped there)… be sure to comment below and share them with us!

Gingers Unite!

#1- Caroline Adams

#2- Abrianna Cunningham

#3- Lady Juliana of Wessex

#4- Evangeline

#5- Kate Sullivan

#6- Nora Bradford

#7- Faith Westcott

#8- Lark MacDougall

#9- Lady Eliza Sumner

#10- Evangeline Hamilton

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