Revell Summer Reading Book Tag

I’m participating in the #RevellSummerReading book tag today. The theme is all about summery books. I’d love to have you all participate, too! Just copy the questions and add your own books on your blog or social media.

Without further ado, the Revell Summer Reading Book Tag…

A Book that Takes Place during the Summer

A Desperate Hope takes place in the summer in upper state New York in the early 1900’s.

A Book that Reminds You of Summer

A Book with A Sun on the Cover

A Book with a Beach on the Cover

A Book that Brightens Your Day

This book makes me happy because its the first and only heroine I’ve seen with two different eye colors like me.

A Book that’s Refreshing

A Love Restored is refreshing because the heroine is not your typical body type.

A Book with Summer in the Title

I added this one to the original list.

Tag, you’re it!!

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