His Encouragement #26- What is Man?

I’ve joined my blogging friends for a new facet of my blog, called His Encouragement, inspiring scriptures shared each Thursday. My hope and my prayer is that these scriptures each week will bless your heart and encourage your soul.

Job 7:17 What is man, that thou shouldest magnify him? and that thou shouldest set thine heart upon him?
Job 15:14 What is man, that he should be clean? and he which is born of a woman, that he should be righteous?
Psalms 8:4 What is man, that thou art mindful of him? and the son of man, that thou visitest him?
Psalms 144:3 LORD, what is man, that thou takest knowledge of him! or the son of man, that thou makest account of him!
Hebrews 2:6 But one in a certain place testified, saying, What is man, that thou art mindful of him? or the son of man, that thou visitest him?

All Scriptures are taken from the King James Version.

Recently, I did a word search on the phrase, “what is man” in Scripture. I was looking for a particular verse to use in a book I am writing. I was surprised how many times this phrase is used, 6 times in the Bible. I did not include one of those passages because while it did have the phrase “what is man,” it had an entirely different meaning.

Anyway, there is a video called “God of Wonder” that describes the wonders of creation from the tiny snowflakes to the giant stars in the night sky. Whenever I watch this video, I am bowled over by the reality of the size of the largest stars in the universe compared to the size of our earth– compared to the size of us. My thoughts always go something like this, “If God created something that big, it means he’s even bigger. Why would God have anything to do with us people who are smaller than a speck of dust…”

Both Job and David (the writer of Hebrews is quoting David’s psalm), are asking this question, What is man that the God of heaven would pay any attention to at all? (Paraphrased, of course.)

Honestly, I don’t have an answer to that. No one does. Yes, we could say because he loves us, but that still brings us back to why. It boggles my mind when I think about how important we are–I am–to God. He’s everything that we are not.

My only answer to this question is…

…Because he does.

We may not understand it and really, it’s impossible for our minds to comprehend, but the truth is that He does. He does magnify us. He does set his heart upon us. He does make us clean. He does make us righteous. He is mindful of us. He does visit us. He does take knowledge of us. He does take account of us.

As minute and insignificant we may be in the universe. We are not minute or insignificant to Him.

Take encouragement in that today. You are significant to HIM!!!

What scripture is encouraging you today? Share it with us!

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4 thoughts on “His Encouragement #26- What is Man?

  1. Jacquelyn | A Heavenly Home says:

    I love how the Bible addresses this very thing when it says: “For since the beginning of the world Men have not heard nor perceived by the ear, Nor has the eye seen any God besides You, Who acts for the one who waits for Him.” (Isaiah 64:4) God is so big, so mighty, so incomprehensible and yet also so real, so close, so compassion. It boggles the mind! But it warms the heart and soothes the aching soul.

    Thank you for this encouragement today!

    Liked by 2 people

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