Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Reasons I Love Christian Romantic Suspense

Welcome to Top Ten Tuesday on Stories By Gina. Thank you for joining me for another Top Ten Tuesday with The Artsy Reader.

Today’s Top Ten Tuesday theme is Ten Reasons I Love… and you fill in the blank. I chose to share the reasons I love Christian Romantic Suspense. Some of my points will apply to all Christian genres, but others might not. Christian Romantic Suspense and Historical Romance are my favorite genres to read and also to write.


1) Characters is Romantic Suspense have the coolest jobs!

From judges to lawyers, to CIA to FBI, from Cyber Crime to Cold Case Units, the characters is romantic suspense novel usually have the coolest jobs. They get to do things that the normal career does not and it makes for an interesting story.

2) As the Character learn to deal with their fears, I learn to deal with mine.

I love how the characters in romantic suspense novels face their fears and act in brave ways through their faith in the Lord. This encourages me to have courage in the Lord as well.

3) I love solving mysteries and puzzles.

I love trying to solve the mystery behind the story and trying to guess the villain before the character does. Most often, I’m right.

4) The characters face internal and external complications.

I love that the characters have to work through both internal and external struggles.

5) It reminds me that there is evil in this world and Jesus is the cure.

In my safe Christian corner its easy to forget how wicked the world out there is. Romantic suspense has helped me see the outside world in a different way.

6) Characters fall in love while running for their lives.

I love how the main characters fall in love during a stressful time. It reminds me that true love is about sacrifice and depending on each other.

7) I love that I can have intense adventures without leaving the safety of my couch.

8) I love the spiritual lessons that I learn through the characters.

The saying goes that there are no athiest in foxholes, now whether that’s true or not, I don’t know, but I do believe people reach out to God more in times of crisis and this allows him to work in their lives.

9) They’re scary but not too scary.

I like that while Christian romantic suspense gives me a thrilling rush, they don’t (usually) keep me awake at night.

10) The stories are unique and you never know what’s going to happen.

I love that in romantic suspense it’s expected to keep the reader guessing almost every page. You never know what’s going to happen or how the characters will escape the bad guy, but you still have that confidence in the end that they will.

What do you love about Christian Romantic Suspense novels? Are you a fan? Share in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Reasons I Love Christian Romantic Suspense

  1. Jessica Baker says:

    Yes! I agree with all of these! And I think I can handle the suspense much better than if I was watching it on tv!


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