Wondering Wednesday- What is your favorite thing to do besides reading?

Welcome to Wonderin’ Wednesday, a new series with my blogging friends, thanks to Jessica Baker at A Baker’s Perspective. These will be weekly post for you to learn more about me, the blogger behind Stories By Gina and other bloggers. Each week I will answer a new question about me or my blog.

Today’s Question- What is your favorite thing to do besides reading?

I love movies.

My favorite thing to do is watch movies (or Disney Sitcoms.) I love sitting down with my daughter or my husband or both and watching a movie together. My husband and I frequently take an hour and a half movie and turn it into three hours, because we often pause and discuss things on the movie or things the movie reminds us of.

My favorite types of movies are musicals like The Music Man and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Hallmark romances or mysteries, historicals like When Calls the Heart, Christy, Anne of Green Gables, and Pride and Prejudice. I watch a lot of Disney animation and live action movies with my daughter. Lately, we’ve been introducing her to the older films like The Computer Who Wore Tennis Shoes, and such… My husband and I enjoy a Hallmark romance movie together at least once a week or so. He enjoys them as much as I do.

I’m very particular about the things I watch though, so I’m very out of sync with pop culture. If a film or show is inundated with euphemisms, swear words, or innuendos, I don’t watch them. I like clean family friendly movies with good clean fun and humor.

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