A Reader’s Worldwide Culinary Adventure!! New!!

Travel the world with me through culinary delights and delightful books!

Our First Stop: Korea

Our Menu: Korean Kabobs with Steamed Rice

Links to recipes: https://www.theseasonedmom.com/korean-beef-kabobs/ and https://www.food.com/recipe/delicious-korean-steamed-white-rice-81997?ic1=suggestedAsset%7Cdelicious%20korean

Kabobs take a little of work, however, everything can be prepared and marinated ahead of time.

I chose 1 red onion, 1 green bell pepper, 1 yellow bell pepper, and 1 red bell pepper, and cut them into even chunks approx 1 inch in size. You want them to be as equal as possible so they cook all the same. I loved that they stayed crunchy even after cooking them.

So, I also added two serrano peppers to the mix. Unless, you like things spicy, I don’t recommend doing this. Removing the seeds from the serranos helps lessen the heat some. I didn’t, and they were hot, hot, hot!

Next, comes the beef. I used a prepackage cut from my grocery store labeled for kabobs. But I cut them in half so they would cook through quicker, and it felt like more. If you’re store doesn’t sell them like this, you can use sirloin steak and cut it yourself.

Next, I mixed the marinade. I added them directly to the bowls of meat and veggies by dividing the ingredient amounts in half.

1 cup of soy sauce in each bowl

1 tablespoon minced garlic in each bowl.

2 tablespoons honey in each bowl.

A dash of crushed red pepper in each bowl. *optional

I used two tablespoons of ginger paste vs. fresh ginger in each bowl.

And 6 green onions. (Not Pictured)

Mix it all together.

Beef too!

I marinated them right in their bowls in the fridge for thirty minutes. Then threaded them on metal skewers. (You can use wood ones, but them must be soaked in water for ten minutes or they’ll catch fire.) Also thread the meat and veggies separately. This will allow you to remove the veggies if they are cooking faster than the beef. You can grill, broil, or airfry the kabobs. I used my airfryer and cooked them for a total of 18 minutes. They came out perfectly! The meat was tender and not overcooked. The veggies were cooked but still had a wonderful crunch.

I served the kabobs over steamed rice.

To make the rice, use a medium grain rice, Japanese or Korean style. I used Thai Jasmine Rice. Rinse 2 cups of rice in cold water for several minutes, then add to a bowl and soak in cold water for two to three hours. Drain, the add to sauce pan with 3 cups of water. Bring to boil, then cover and simmer over low heat for 20 minutes.

So colorful!!

Now for the books!

Whispers of Refuge Box Set: 3 Christian Fiction Novels Set in North Korea.

When hope shatters through the most oppressive darkness …

Deep in the heart of the North Korean regime, men and women are praying, fighting, and even dying for freedom.

These novels tell their stories.

Women of Faith award-winning novelist Alana Terry’s Whispers of Refuge series has won over half a dozen literary awards. These true-to-life novels set in North Korea depict life in what Open Doors calls the most dangerous country for Christians.

Gripping, hopeful, and inspired by real events, the Whispers of Refuge novels have been called “spell-binding,” “captivating,” and “life-changing.” This box set contains the novels Slave Again, Torn Asunder, and Flower Swallow, which won both a Moonbeam Award and an Illumination Books Award. The novels in this series can be read in any order.

In addition to writing multi-award-winning Christian fiction, Alana Terry has partnered for years with Liberty in North Korea. She and her readers have raised over $15,000 to support Liberty in North Korea’s underground railroad.

When you purchase this box set, you’re bringing a North Korean refugee one step closer to freedom.

One thought on “A Reader’s Worldwide Culinary Adventure!! New!!

  1. Deb Galloway says:

    Those kabobs made me hungry, they look awesome! I love these books, all of Alana’s books really. These stories not only tell true situations people go through on a daily basis but they do so much good as well. Many have been prompted to pray regularly for persecuted Christians by reading these books. as well as the proceeds that are used so well by Liberty In North Korea.
    I really admire how Alana never writes a book that is just entertaining. She inspires, grows and teaches as well as introduces Christ to readers who may not know Him personally! She is truly a beautiful young lady and I am so blessed to call her a friend!


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