First Line Fridays: Even More Dangerous Pursuits Novellas

Welcome to First Line Fridays. Today, I’m sharing three more first lines from the upcoming novellas from the Dangerous Pursuits authors. Whet your appetite for 15 suspenseful tales from some of today’s best-selling authors, filled with mystery, murder, and absolute mayhem! Come back each week to get a taste of what’s to come!

The December wind howled a winter tune through the Quarter, the sound of church bells ringing at the top of the hour.

The Winter Pearl by Lenora Worth

When antique jewelry store owner Hannah Dupree mistakenly receives a rare and priceless pearl necklace, someone is out to kill her and get it back. Retired Navy SEAL Luke Pearson comes into the shop and finds her being held at gunpoint by two men. He manages to help her get away, but soon he’s trying to keep her alive. As they get to know each other, they both realize love is just as priceless as a pearl.

A damp drizzle hung heavy in the air. 

Protecting the Heiress by Terri Reed

Time is running out…

On a damp Seattle night, Cecily Fairhaven is rescued from a mugger by the man who broke her heart, Malcolm Cruz. When she learns it’s not a coincidence that Malcolm has shown up out of the blue and that her life is in danger, she must set aside her hurt and anger to trust the man she once loved. But is she really safe? Or will she suffer another broken heart when he leaves?

US Air Force Operations of Special Investigations Agent Malcolm Cruz received a cryptic message begging him to protect Cecily. To honor the man who’d been instrumental in his career, Malcolm wasted no time traveling across the world to safeguard the only woman he’s ever loved and to ensure she makes it home to deal with her father’s estate.  But as the threats against her escalate and his feelings for her resurface, he begins to wonder if either of them will come out of this unscathed.

“You have the grocery list?” Casey Hartman called to her Aunt Nora as the older woman slipped out the kitchen door, heading to her car.

Courage on the Run by J. Carol Nemeth

Can Casey Hartman checks handsome Will Kerns into Belmont Inn, her family home which has been passed down through generations. He claims to be on vacation, but when Casey witnesses the murder of an acquaintance, Will flashes his DEA badge and takes her on the run. His real mission is to seize a drug operation in the historical town of Belmont.

Casey can’t believe this could be happening in her little town, much less that someone would murder someone she knew. Will is determined to take down the drug ring and the man leading the operation, but can he do that while running with Casey? She wasn’t part of his mission. Will soon realizes this courageous young woman of faith has stolen his heart. However, no amount of love will prevent a determined killer from finding them, no matter where they hide.

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5 thoughts on “First Line Fridays: Even More Dangerous Pursuits Novellas

  1. Paula Shreckhise says:

    My first line is from a wonderful book by Joanna Politano: A Midnight Dance.
    Covent Garden, London m 1833
    He was so very BLUE. That was all my scattered mind could gather as he sailed past the window of Craven Street Theatre. Blue and sparkling under the glow of street lamps that shone down the alley.


  2. Nicole Santana says:

    I’m currently reading The Girl in the Painting by Tea Cooper. It’s really good! Highly recommend it. I’m just beginning chapter 18, so I’ll share the first line from there.
    “Elizabeth rested her shoulder against the doorjamb, raising her hand and waving at the shouted greetings of the children as they paraded down the road.”
    Happy reading! 🙂❤📚


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