First Line Fridays: Last Three Dangerous Pursuits Novellas

Welcome to First Line Fridays. Today, I’m sharing three more first lines from the upcoming novellas from the Dangerous Pursuits authors. Whet your appetite for 15 suspenseful tales from some of today’s best-selling authors, filled with mystery, murder, and absolute mayhem! Come back each week to get a taste of what’s to come!

Someone was watching her.

Deadly Catalyst by Sharee Stover

When antique jewelry store owner Hannah Dupree mistakenly receives a rare and priceless pearl necklace, sWhat starts as an online computer game becomes a life and death struggle for Jorja Hale and her teen brother, plummeting them into a deadly underground network. With a killer hunting them, Jorja turns to Tate Sawyer, the man she loved and deserted five years prior.

Not convinced of their innocence and despite a painful past, Tate risks his law enforcement career to protect Jorja and her brother while searching for the truth. But to expose the killer, Jorja must go where she promised never to venture again…and doing so will expose her secret past as a Blackhat computer hacker. Returning to the sinister dwellings of the dark web, Jorja and Tate discover the nefarious operation has a longer reach than they imagined, and the killer will do anything to keep them from exposing him.

Swallowed by volumes of leather-bound books, collegiate hardbacks, the occasional paperback, and a wealth of loneliness, Jolie Decoteau drew her legs to her chest on the chaise lounge.

Deadly Heights by Ronie Kendig

Heiress and experienced climber Jolie Decouteau doesn’t believe in coincidences, so getting acute mountain sickness while on a hike shortly after her father is found dead convinces her that someone is trying to kill her.

Denali base camp ranger David Whiteeagle is sent to rescue Jolie, but he’s alarmed to find her condition significantly worse than reported and, as they navigate down the mountain to safety, he realizes a treacherous storm is not the only threat on their tail.

Running has become a lifestyle for me.

Stepping from Shadows by Cara Putman

When Emma Donahue goes home, it’s time to find answers or die trying. She has days to discover the truth or she’ll lose her inheritance. After years of trusting no one, can she risk relying on Lance Updike? The only way to find out is to step from the shadows and lure her mother’s killer into the light.

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5 thoughts on “First Line Fridays: Last Three Dangerous Pursuits Novellas

  1. Cindy Davis says:

    They all three sound intense! I haven’t heard of the first author and I was going to say I hadn’t read that one by Cara Putnam, then saw it was a pre-order! Will have to look it up. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Paula Shreckhise says:

    I need to order that collection. Some of my favorite authors.

    My first lines are by Jenny Knipfer and Under the Weeping Willows:
    Enid June 1983
    I rub my hand over my mother’s words. My throat clenches, and I hiccup, forcing back a sob. A tear lands on the lined page of the diary with a splat.
    Happy reading!


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