Iron Blog Tour with Celebrate Lit (Interview with Madisyn Carlin)

About the Book

Book: Iron

Author: Madisyn Carlin

Genre: Christian Fantasy/Fairytale Retelling

Release date: September 30, 2022

Enforcing justice comes with a price.

Detective Redwyn “Red” Deathan will stop at nothing to uncover those behind the ruthless kidnappings of multiple children. But things are not as they seem, and Red’s efforts are thwarted at every turn. With each discovery the danger grows, putting Red and the lives of those she cares about at risk. Can she reveal the mastermind’s identity before she herself becomes a target?

IRON is a Christian, New Adult, Fantasy Fairytale Retelling

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About the Author

Madisyn Carlin is a Christian, homeschool graduate, blogger, voracious bookdragon, and author. When not spending time with her family or trekking through the mountains, she weaves tales of redemption, faith, and action.

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More from Madisyn

There are many original Cinderella stories, from all cultures and languages. Perhaps the two most common tales, however, are Frenchman Charles Perrault’s (also called Cendrillon) and the German Brothers Grimm’s Aschenputtel. The majority of these originals, and Brothers Grimm’s in particular, are not the sparkles-and-magic versions we are more familiar with. They are darker, bloodier, and deadlier, though they still possess an amazing display of creativity and storytelling.

The iconic, classical Disney retelling drew from Perrault’s version. I based IRON off a blend of Aschenputtel and Perrault’s, with very little influence garnered from Disney’s. Although I wanted it to be obvious IRON is a fairy tale retelling, I also wanted to put an often-unfound spin on it, which is where Redwyn and her occupation shine through. In addition, I am a firm believer there is no such thing as ”love at first sight”, also called ”insta love”, which is quite common in many fairy tales and retellings.

Instead, I wanted to present a nonmagical retelling based on faith, family, and bravery. Perhaps that is why this story turned out rawer and much more touching than I ever imagined. Within the pages of this book loyalty drives characters to step outside their comfortable boundaries and preferences, desperation reminds them why they need God, and bravery takes root even in those who thought themselves hopeless cowards.

Heavy faith elements, feathers, cranky horses, wolves, sinister plots, a creepy forest, and more take this story beyond the typical plot found in Cinderella retellings. There’s also humor, sarcasm, and a feisty detective who can’t quite grasp the concept of tactfulness.

So, if you enjoy fairy tale retellings with a plentitude of faith, humor, and action, IRON might be the book for you.

You can find IRON’s inspiration board here.

Interview with Madisyn

Thank you for having me, Gina!

What has been your favorite part of the publishing journey? 

One of my favorite parts about the publishing journey is looking back on where I began and comparing it to where I am now. My mom always pushed me to write, but I fought her tooth and nail until she assigned me the task of writing a novel in a year. As I continue publishing, I am forever grateful and humbled God brought me from a teen who despised the thought of creative writing to where I am now as I prepare to release my eighth story. 

What were the highlight or key challenges you faced when writing this book?

IRON’s origins can be traced back to 2019, where I wrote the first 40,000 words before shelving it. I didn’t know if I’d ever resurrect the story, and I frankly didn’t care that much about it at that point. Through a series of events, however, I drawn into completing IRON in 2022. The primary difficulties were picking up where I left off, which resulted in restructuring and rewriting most of it. The other major difficulty was incorporating the human trafficking thread. The plights of those trafficked weigh heavily on me, and I wanted to remind readers about the seriousness of trafficking. It’s a dark topic and was difficult to write about.

What is the key theme and/or message in the book?

The key theme is God is in control no matter what. A side theme to that is remembering to rely on Him instead of our own strength.

What book is currently on your bedside table?

There are two books: an ARC copy of Dreams of the Heart by Penny Zeller and A Cast of Stones by Patrick W. Carr. Both are excellent.

Any current or upcoming projects you’d like to tell us about?

KEY, the next book in The Redwyn Chronicles, releases tomorrow. It’s 1.5 in the series of at least eight works, and follows the story of a side character in IRON.

The Redwyn Chronicles is a series of Christian fairy tale retellings, most of which revolve around Detective Redwyn Deathan—a young woman with untamable red hair, a sassy personality, and a penchant for finding trouble.

You can learn more about KEY here and here.

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